My life changed when I truly realized that despite my background, I had the ability to choose my path and create the life I have always imagined…

Sarah grew up in a small town in Arkansas in USA. She has had to overcome many obstacles in her life. She comes from a family with a long line of drug and alcohol abuse, as well as depression and countless unmet dreams. Eager to leave the only place she had ever known, she focused on a goal to graduate high school one year early and at the age of 17 she left home.   Sarah has a bachelors degree from the University of Arkansas in Speech and Communication, with years of intercultural experience, as well as a nursing background.

At the age of 23 years old as she was working as a licensed nurse, Sarah found herself  in over her head with student loans, interest rates and materialistic possessions and stuck in the normal routine of life, doing what she felt like she “should” be doing, instead of going after her truest dreams.

I grew up with people constantly pressing upon me a way of life that I felt like was not for me. Graduate high school, go to college, get a job, find a boyfriend, graduate college, get married, buy a house, have kids…

With the big picture in mind, Sarah decided that it was more important to not live with regrets than losing the approval of others. Sarah came up with a plan and worked with a unshakable focus for the following year doing every weekend, double and every holiday shift until she could get.

If I ever heard any nurse on a different shift complaining about even the smallest pain, I would rush and offer to work their shift in order to send them home and get more hours.

She worked endlessly for over a year and a half in two jobs, double shifts, holidays and every weekend shift she could take until she paid off all of her loans and could move debt free to Spain. In June 2013 she moved to Spain without knowing a single person or word of Spanish and began to get a small glimpse of the immense world that we live in.

Sarah lived, worked and experienced the Spanish life and culture during two years. In 2015 she decided that she was ready for a change and that she wanted to really go out and face her deepest fears.

During the 2 years I lived in Spain I traveled to many beautiful places within the country and Europe. However, always with other people. Just the thought of traveling alone to another country scared me and kept me up at night.

With only a small backpack, she left her place of comfort and set off on a new adventure, but this time completely alone. During that following year, she had many amazing adventures across 25 countries of Africa and Europe. Her eyes opened up to the world and she never was the same.

Some of her top adventures during that first year included:

  • Hiking over 650 miles alone over 31 days in the Camino de Santiago
  • National Festivals: Tomatina, Sanfermines, Las Fallas, Oktoberfest, Kings Day
  • Bungee jump from highest dam in the world in Switzerland
  • Traveling only by means of staying with local families and cultural immersion
  • During this time she started her website, The Nomadic Dreamer and eventually got into public speaking.

Travel eventually became a way of life for me. It no longer scared me like it once did. I capable of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane or traveling alone through the Sahara Dessert, but I was absolutely horrified at the idea of public speaking…

Living to overcome her fears she got involved in public speaking and her story and Nomadic Dreamer gained its momentum. She was invited to speak in large events in English and soon after in Spanish. Her first speech in Spanish was at the largest TEDx conference in Spain to more than 1,000 people and just one month later in Madrid at the largest tourism fair in the country, FITUR, to more than 2,000, also in Spanish.

The Nomadic Dreamer has grown rapidly since Sarah started public speaking and now has followers in over 100 countries from around the world. But Sarah does not stop there. As lifetime learner, Sarah decided that she was not only going to travel and give speeches, but she was going to do all of this and study full a 2 year degree in 1 year in the University of Arkansas online.

I learned a big lesson on time management and discipline. I woke up every single morning at 5 am, meditated, exercised and started my class work. By 9:30 when everyone was waking up, I was finishing a large part of my assignment. I traveled and had my adventures in the day and started it all up again at night…

During her year of studying, she traveled to over 20 countries and received different awards from the University of Arkansas. In the end, not only did she finish on time, but she graduated with a perfect 4.0 sume cum lade.

Sarah then continued to travel on to Asia, where she took her meditation practice to a whole new level in a 10 day silent meditation retreat where she was unable to speak, make eye contact, use any electronics or eat meals after noon time.

We woke up at 4:00 am every day and meditated for 10 hours a day for 10 days straight. All I do is talk for a living, so staying silent for someone who never stops talking was quite the challenge, but the reward at the end of 10 days was something that cannot be put into words..

This is only the beginning for Sarah. She is on a current mission to travel sustainably as possibly to all of the countries of the world and spread a inspirational message everywhere she goes. She makes frequent appearances on different television and radio stations, as well as shares her full experience on social media for her friends and followers to join with her.

Sarah is currently traveling and is available for conferences, workshops, trainings, retreats and personal coaching sessions depending on availability.

This small book serves as a guide to get a preview of the different topics that Sarah speaks on, in order to help you plan and organize your upcoming time with Sarah.

                                                                      —Nomadic Dreamer Staff