Escape into the Magical Nature of Sapa, Vietnam

The older I get, the more I truly take time to enjoy nature and all of its amazing benefits. While traveling across the world for long periods of time is an incredible and life changing experience, at times it gets quite exhausting, especially when traveling through large and over populated cities.

Two months into my long term trip through Southeast Asia I made my way to the city of Hanoi, Vietnam, a city that has a reputation as the “city that never sleeps.”

However, after months of traveling throughout large cities, my heart was crazing quietness and nature and that was simply impossible to find in Hanoi.

After only a couple of days in the city, I decided to take a trip to the north of Vietnam to the mountainous town of Sapa to get the break I was craving.

Sapa is a beautiful area that is located near the Chinese border, surrounded by mountains and stunning views.

There are many places to stay in the area, but I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be far away as I could from the town, with amazing landscapes and rice fields all around me.

Sapa Valley is an area with cute little villages, waterfalls, rice fields, rivers, hiking trails and a perfect place to explore by a motorcycle.

Just a short distance outside of the town is the charming Cat Cat Village. This was hands down one of my favorite parts of visiting Sapa. This old village not only has gorgeous views and waterfalls, but its a perfect place to see different ethnic groups and experience the different practices and traditions that are still being implemented today by many Vietnamese people.

While walking through the village one is able to see traditional activities, such as women weaving fabric, home made crafts being made and women dressed in fancy traditional clothing.




There are many buses that travel to Sapa every day. I highly recommend the night bus that leaves from Hanoi at 2200 and arrives around 0500. This was the first time I had ever been in a VIP overnight bus with beds that fully recline and it was a very pleasant and comfortable ride.

Tickets can be bought online or at the bus station and cost anywhere from $10-20 one way. If you are located in Hanoi Old Quarter most will pick you up without an additional cost from your hotel.

I went completely alone at there was not concern at all about safety. In fact, I met many other solo travelers that I decided to continue traveling with during my whole trip to Sapa.

Once you are in Sapa I highly suggest renting a motorcycle. The roads are a bit rough, but this is the best way to see different parts of Sapa. Many people take a taxi, but I like the feeling of having my freedom and not having my driver wait on my every time I get out to do something.

The other option many people opt for is taking a 1-3 day hiking trip. Many people go to Sapa to hike the rice fields and do all of their travel by foot. This is a great option, but just make sure to know your directions because its super easy to get lost.


There are many options for accommodation in Sapa, but after doing my research I decided to go with Zizi Home Stay. Prices are between $5-15 per night and the experience is very unique, especially if you are used to staying in hotels.

This homestay is only recommended for people that are in good physical condition. You will be required to walk from the main road up hill for around 5 minutes in order to reach the home. Its not exactly the easiest little hike, especially if you have a big bag or some kind of injury.

However, if you make it to the top and decide to stay, it will be worth the hike. Each morning you will wake up to some of the most amazing views you have ever seen, without a doubt!

In addition, during the night for a small price, the owners will prepare a very large home cooked meal. Everyone staying at the homestay will gather around a large table and share the meal together. This is a great option to meet other travelers, especially if you are traveling alone. I went there not knowing a single person and left with all kinds of new friends.

Sapa is a unique place where you can experience nature, culture and have an experience unlike any other place in Vietnam. This was hands down of my favorite places that I visited in Vietnam and I could not recommend it enough!




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