1. What is Nomadic Dreamer?

NOMADIC DREAMER is a project that aims to visit all the countries of the world and spread a MESSAGE OF FRIENDSHIP AND CONNECTION BETWEEN DIFFERENT COUNTRIES AND CULTURES.

Through the website and social media, we talk about the experiences I have had through travel, combined with motivation and inspiring others to face their fears and create and live the life they have always imagined. In this project, we collaborate with governments, tourism boards and foundations, and look for the best way to spread this message, not simply by just writing about it, but also giving talks, training, workshops, activities and collaborations.

We offer services of conferences/courses (inspirational or informational), as well as coaching individual coaching services.

2. How long have you been with NOMADIC DREAMER?

My experiences abroad started in 2013, but the website did not launch until April 2015 when I started traveling alone across the world.

3.  How old are you and where are you from?

I am 30 years old and from a small town in Arkansas in the United States.

4. You always talk about “us”… Are there more people in this project?

Of course. There is a team of people and we all work together. Working on a project alone, while traveling to so many countries, in two different languages, would be a very difficult task to manage as just one person.

I do the writing, videos, photography and travel to different parts of the world, and I have different people who are in charge of editing material, social media, advertising/marketing and contacting personally different collaborations that I have along the way. .

5. How can you pay for all your trips?

When I started my aventure I worked very, very hard as a nurse in the USA and saved as much as I could.  Given that I started the Nomadic Dreamer as a hobby, I traveled the first part of my trip with my savings and working to spend as little as possible.

However, after traveling for a period of time, I realized that if I worked really hard, I would be able to turn my dream into traveling the world into my profession, and that’s just what I did.

I currently work as an inspirational speaker, content creator and life coach.

6. Why do you live in Spain and specifically in Zaragoza?

I am an American citizen, but have Spanish residency.  I am actually only in there around 5 months out of the year, and the rest of the time I am traveling to different parts of the world.

There are two very important reasons why I live in Spain:

Learn Spanish:

I learned my first word of Spanish when I moved to Spain in 2013. I am now fluent in the language and speak in a professional setting, but I am still new to the language.

It is very important that I spend the time that I do in Spain in order to continue learning, improving my pronunciation having speaking engagements in Spanish nearby.

Good location:

I moved to Zaragoza in 2013 because I found work and I was able to obtain a visa. Over time I made friends and I currently have an apartment and office located in the center of Zaragoza. The most important thing for me as a nomad is the location.

As you can see on the map, Spain is right in the center of the world. From there, I am able to easily fly to any parts of the world. Apart from traveling to brand new countries, I am also in a location that makes it easy to return to countries if needed in order to give talks, conferences or some type of work.

And why Zaragoza? Well, it is centrally based and easily reachable to the important cities: Madrid, Catalonia and the Basque Country. In just over an hour I am in Madrid and Barcelona in the AVE.

7. What is your favorite country so far?

Every time I visit a new country or continent, I discover something totally different, why is why I love traveling so much. Each country has its charm, but I tend to like places that are the most different from my normal.

I had an amazing time in Asia, especially in Indonesia. The people are super friendly, the food is different, it has beautiful beaches and the landscapes are breath taking. The country is full of different cultures, temples, mountains and volcanos for hiking (I climbed Mount Igen, the only volcano in the world you can see blue lava).

8. Which country did you like least?

Being totally honest, I could not name a single country. Every country has something interesting and unique, you just have to search and find it. If I do not like what I see in a country, I do not leave until I find something special, because I do not like to leave with a bad memory.

9. I don’t have money to travel, although I want to. Can you give me some advice?

Traveling is nothing something that comes free, so hard work, saving and a bit of patience are necessary, unless you want to travel asking for money in the street in order to just get by.

I worked like a slave for more than 1.5 years as a nurse in the USA before moving to Europe. During that time I worked every single weekend shift I could get, holidays, double shift and without a break in order to pay off my student loan debt quickly. This was one of the most physically demanding and exhausting times of my life, but being able to pay off my debt and travel was all worth the effort and time.

If you want to travel for a short time, you can use Couchsurfing, which is a service offered online to find families and individuals that want to host travelers in their home for free. I traveled Europe/Africa during 6 months using this service and hitchhiking and spent less than 1,000 euros. If travel is your dream, there are no excuses.

If you want to live in another country, you could work as an Aupair taking care of kids. They not only pay you each month, but you get housing and food included. If you decide after time that being an Au pair is not for you, its always much easier to find work and opportunities once you are already in the country. If you are just looking for the experience of living abroad and you don’t need any money to live, you can work as a volunteer or house/pet sit for families that are on vacations.


10. Aren’t you afraid to travel alone?

When I first began my experience, yes. In the beginning I only traveled with other people, but after time I decided that I wanted to face my own personal fears of independence and have my own adventure. Choosing to travel alone across the world has been on of the best decisions I have ever made and has opened the door to countless opportunities and experiences that I will never forget.

It’s ALWAYS important to take all safety measures possible during your travels, however there comes a point when you just have to let go of the fear and take a risk.

Solo traveling is not as dangerous as people think. I hitchhiked completely alone, with more than 200 different cars in over 25 countries and I am still here and inspiring others to travel.

Do you think I am just “lucky?

Nope, I don’t think so.

11. What is your end goal in all of this?

I have many goals, but I don’t have one specifically that I want to want to reach and it will be the end. I want to visit alone all of the countries in the world and make an impact through each of these countries with speaking and inspiring a message of friendship and connections across different countries.

I want to connect with people from all over the world, live amazing experiences, grow in my professional as a speaker/coach and write many books along the way.

12. Do you miss your family in America?

Of course! However we have a clear understanding of the importance of living my dream and having no regrets in life. At first it was very difficult for them, especially due to the concern of safety and security, but they understand that regardless of what they tell me, I am going to do what I believe is best for my life.

They are very proud of my and my adventure and I never doubt their love for me a single day that goes by. We spend time talking via Skype, Whatsapp and phone calls, which works out perfect.

This experience has changed them and has also opened their eyes a whole new perspective on the world. In fact, since I started traveling my mom has had the opportunity to visit two different times and visit 7 different countries.

13. What plans do you have for the future? Set location, family, work etc?

I live by the theory that we have to live in the now moment. Although I have long term goals and plans, I don’t focus my precious time and energy and worry about what is going to happen 5-10 years from now. We never know what could happy and for that reason its so important to live each day to the fullest.

Yes, one day I would love to have a family, but not anytime soon. I have an apartment in Spain where all of my belongings are and I am super happy with that as my home base, so I don’t have that desire for my own set home for now.

14. How many languages do you speak?

English and Spanish

15. What kind of studies have you finished?

I studied nursing in the USA and although I have a current license, I am not physically practicing, although I still enjoying teaching health education.

I also have a bachelor’s degree from the University of Arkansas in the USA that I finished in 2016 by distance, while traveling to more than 20 countries.

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