Restaurant Arzak – San Sebastian, Spain

If you have traveled to Spain, you can’t leave without knowing the Basque Country.

Located in northern Spain, it is a region covered with vegetation, forests and nature. Perfect for skiing in winter and beaches in the hot summer days.

If you’ve visited, the first thing you will realize, besides its beauty, is the cuisine. There are more Michelin-starred restaurants in this region of Spain than anywhere else in the world. Thanks to its location on the coast with the mountains nearby, all the ingredients are fresh and of top quality.

Out of all the cities I have traveled to in Spain, San Sebastian is by far the most beautiful.  There you can enjoy the famous Concha beach, stroll the evening along the promenade or indulge in its fine cuisine.

We started the day strolling through the city and then took a sailboat out to enjoy the beautiful views.

If you are visiting this region, you can’t help but enjoy its gastronomy and to die for pinchos. 

What are the pinchos? 

They are similar to tapas, which are very popular in other regions of Spain, but are smaller servings that are presented on a piece of bread. This is one of the best ways to know the cuisine of a region, because you can try a little bit of everything.

The Old Town of San Sebastian is one of the best places to enjoy these delicious snacks. Everywhere you look there are bars and counters filled with pinchos of all different colors and flavors. There are so many options, you will not even know what to choose.

Typically, you enter in the bar, choose one or two different pinchos with a glass of wine, beer or txakoli (fruity white wine from this region). Some establishments have their own specialty, thats why it’s important to ask.

We spent the afternoon sightseeing and enjoying the beautiful sunset.

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Finally, the time came for dinner. I had heard ever since moving to Spain about the Arzak Restaurant, ran by Juan Mari Arzak, who is currently one of the best cooks in the entire world.

Arzak is currently the 8th best restaurant in the world, with 3 Michelin stars.

Most restaurants in the world do not have even a single star, let alone three, with which it has been awarded since 1989.

This restaurant is a family business with 117 years of history, which was originally a wine cellar and bar ope

ned by the grandparents of the current owner.

The restaurant atmosphere was very welcoming and, as expected, very friendly service.

Once inside, within five minutes of being there, the owner personally welcomed us and walked us to our table. Our table was located next to the kitchen, giving us exceptional views that allowed us to see the artists in action.

We ordered the gestational menu to enjoy various dishes and desserts from the menu:

Gestation Menu: 

Kabrarroka pudding
Pickled Guindilla Peppers with anchovy cream
Biter raspberry
Chorizo and tonic
Gilda carrot and ssamjang

Sanguine apple beet
Lobster sea and garden
Ovolacteo light
Monkfish with sea buckthorn and crispy lobster roe
Flavoursome pigeon served with pigeon jus

Chocolate Trufón
Black lemon.
Varied ice cream

Each dish was presented as an art form, served with fine and unique detail incredible flavors …

We started with the starters, starting with the “apple beet sanguine”, an injected apple beet accompanied by creamy foie and “pearl” of potato. Next, the “Lobster sea and garden”, a grilled lobster accompanied by a crispy crepe with fresh star-shaped leaves. Finally, the “Ovolácteo light”, an egg with semi crujiente baobab bark and accompanied by “milk leaves” and curdled.

When it came to fish, we had to make the difficult decision of choosing between the “Rape with buckthorn,” a roast monkfish loin accompanied by “crispy lobster roe” and buckthorn buckthorn or the  “Nice with rhubarb” a nice slightly smoky with rhubarb and fried steaks lilies.

After that, we had to decide between  “pigeon nugget” a roasted pigeon breast on a smear of dried fruit nuggets to working together, or the “Lamb plaster”,a lamb with Jerusalem artichokes and roasted, fried cassava and juice.

And finally the desserts: the “Chocolate Trufón” a big cocoa and sugar truffle filled with cream, “Black lemon,” a crispy black image of lemon and sprinkled with the same fruit indoor citrus and sweet cream “The hardware”, an assortment of chocolates in the form of nuts, bolts, copies of keys, rocks and coins of different flavors (black, milk, white, etc).

We were very satisfied with the amount of food, but more than anything the preparation and exquisite taste. To end the night, Arzak stayed with us in the lobby on the couches talking and took many pictures as a reminder of an unforgettable night.

Restaurant Arzak

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