Your Attitude Determines Your Life & Direction

Some time ago I read an inspiring story that completely changed the whole way I view my work and projects in life:

In the fifteenth century a man was walking through the city and stopped curiously next to a group of construction workers as they feverously worked to build what seemed to be something important. Unable to withhold his curiosity, he approached the first man that he saw at work and asked, “I see that you all are at work building something, could you tell me what it is?”

The man answered frustrated:

“Listen, I have been here working here all day in the sun. I’m hot and tired and the truth is that I don’t even like this job. I have been working here for months and I have no idea what this will eventually be and to be quite honest, I don’t really care. I do what my boss tells me to do, and I don’t care about the rest.”

Still full of curiosity, he continued walking and approached another worker who he found a few meters ahead doing the same type of work and asked him the same thing.

The man replied, “I have been working here for months, but I can’t really tell you what we are doing. I know that my job is to make a big ladder with the help of other co workers, but I do not know what it is for. I am only responsible for my work and doing it the best that I can. I like my work and I am thankful that it is something that allows me to feed my family each day, but I don’t keep up with the details of the construction. ”

Still not receiving the answer he was looking for, he walking a few more meters until he reached a third worker. As he approached this man, he was pleasantly surprised to see something different in him. This man was doing exactly the same work as the two previous two, hard at work and sweating under the scorching 40º sun, but he was working with a big smile.

He walking up beside him and asked the same question to the man, hoping to get more information. Surprised, the worker replied,

“WOW, can you not see it?! We are currently hard at work and building what will soon be one of the most beautiful and biggest cathedrals in the world.”

“This is such a rewarding job because I know that soon there will be thousands and thousands of people who will join together here to honor God. Each and everyday for as long as I live, I will be able to pass by there and know that I had the opportunity to be apart of this amazing construction. Working in this project adds such a sense of meaning to my life!”

Here is an example of three men who were working in exactly the same situation, but with three different attitudes towards their work.

Life is full of people who do nothing more than complain about what they have in their life, instead of being grateful. Many people go to work day in and day out without any kind of passion or sense of involvement in what they are pursuing.

In life, we must seek projects and jobs that make us feel alive. Even if we are in jobs that we don’t necessarily like, there is always something to be learned and a way to become involved, but that can only happen when we first change our attitude towards our work and start being grateful for what we already have in front of us.

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  • What kind of attitude do you have towards your work?

  • Are you going to complain about everything or to find goals in your life that make you feel fulfilled?


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